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Karen’s Journey Into Mosaics

Karen Sasine has always been an artist. Her passion for color and pattern started very early with a love of textiles and design, which led her to earn a BA degree in art.

Mosaics found her in 2002 and has proven to be a perfect medium with its variety of materials and styles. Over the past 18 years, as she has honed her mosaic art skills, sharing her knowledge through teaching and mentoring has brought her immense joy.

In 2015, in the interest of spreading her love of mosaics, Karen created the Facebook group Mosaic Mentoring. Today that group’s membership has over 41,000 people, beginners and professionals alike, exploring, learning, and sharing their mosaics knowledge freely.

Karen Sasine
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Artist Statement

Karen is dedicated to inspiring mosaic artists globally to explore their creativity, increase their confidence and broaden their knowledge through interactive courses, products and mentoring.
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Karen’s passion is to create a comprehensive resource for mosaic artists who are eager and willing to learn and share. She provides mosaic courses, mentoring, membership platform, products, and supplies. Karen also donates her time and resources to help ensure the longevity of mosaics and their members. She would like to include a SAMA scholarship fund for mosaic artists.
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Karen’s support for community, kindness, and love flows through everything she does. To be able to pass on her wisdom and knowledge and educate the mosaic community through integrity, passion, and enthusiasm is the inspiration that runs her passion. A commitment to her appreciation of beauty and excellence is the cornerstone of her soul.
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Karen believes you should choose kindness, strive for excellence, always expand your knowledge, be a good listener, always have gratitude, show respect, check your ego at the door, focus on improvement, be transparent, and give back to your community.
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Karen’s Mosaic Resumé

Mosaic Experience

2002 – Present
Owner/Artist at Rainbow Mosaics

2014 – Present
Founder of Mosaic Mentoring

2023 – Present
Founder of Rainbow Colorants

2018 – Present
Founder of the Soleil Mosaic Club and Instructor

United Way Senior Painting Instructor, Colquitt County Art Center, Moultrie, GA

Primetime Instructor, Moultrie, GA

21st Century Art and Mosaic Instructor, Moultrie, GA



Mosaic Education


  • 2023 Advanced Course in Contemporary Mosaic Technique with Dino Maccini
  • 2018 SAMA Color Theory and Impressionism in Mosaic Art with Carol Shelkin
  • 2018 SAMA Spiky, Pokey, Shardy Shag Rug Mosaics with Margo Anton
  • 2018 SAMA Animal Portraiture in Mosaic Art with Andrea Shreve Taylor
  • 2016 SAMA Personal Mosaic Mandala’s with Dianne Sonnenberg
  • 2016 SAMA Collaborative Mosaics – Working with Schools, Hospitals, and Community Centers with Jessica Liddell
  • 2016 SAMA Articulating your Art: A Mosaic Critique Workshop with Andryea Natkin, Sue Giannotti and Karen Ami
  • 2009 SAMA Volunteer at the Mosaic Marathon, San Diego, CA
  • 2008 SAMA Volunteer at the Mosaic Marathon, Mesa, AZ
  • 2008 SAMA “A Lighter Base for 3-D Mosaics” with Sherri Warner Hunter
  • 2008 SAMA “Color and Value” with Shug Jones
  • 2007 Scuolo Orsoni, Master in Mosaico, Venice, Italy
  • 2007 SAMA “Exterior Large Scale Mosaics” with Sherri Warner Hunter
  • 2007 SAMA “Photographing Your Mosaics” with Louis Weiner
  • 2006 SAMA “The Indirect Method of Mosaics” with Gary Drostle
  • 2006 SAMA “Designing and Presentation” with Lynn Chinn
  • 2004 Intermediate Mosaic Workshop with Tracy Melody, Tampa, FL

Mosaic Awards and Exhibitions

  • 2014 Mosaic Arts International Juried Exhibition, Selected 3-D Work, “In His Hands”, Houston, Tx
  • 2009 Southwest Georgia Regional Winner Showcase, Juried Exhibition, Selected 3-D Work, “Dolphin”, Albany, GA
  • 2009 Best of Spring Into Art, Juried Exhibition, Selected 3-D Work, “Baby”, Albany, GA, Annette Turner Howell Center for the Arts, Valdosta, GA
  • 2008 Mosaic Arts International Juried Exhibition, Selected 2-D Work, “Asian Garden”, BAKEHOUSE ART COMPLEX, MIAMI, FL
  • 2007 Mosaic Artists Organization (MAO), Yahoo International Organization Mosaic of the Year, Selected 2-D Work, “Asian Garden”
  • 2007 Glass, Clay and Glaze Show, Colquitt County Arts Center, Moultrie, GA


  • July, 23 2209 Moultrie Observer, Moultrie, GA, Front Page, “Commissioned Art”
  • July, 19 2009, Moultrie Observer, Moultrie, GA, Page 2A, “Sculpture on the Move”
  • August, 2008, Mosaics, “Finding Your Own Voice” by E. Brit Hammer”Sunflowers for Omi”, Page 110-111″The Asian Garden”, Page 130-131
  • February 26, 2008, Moultrie Observer, Moultrie, GA”R. B. Wright Community Creates Community Mosaic”
  • January 30, 2008, Moultrie, Observer, Moultrie, GA”Italian Workshop Influences Sasine’s Mosaic Artwork”
  • January 19, 2008, Moultrie Observer, Moultrie, GA”Mosaic Wins Two Honors for Moultrie Artist”
  • June 2006, Water’s Edge Magazine, Jacksonville, FL”Mosaic Artist Evolves Bit by Bit”

Prior Gallery Representation

  • Mineral City Ponte Vedra, FL
  • Stellers Gallery Jacksonville, FL
  • Cherished Seaside, FL

Commissions and Community Mosaics

  • 2018 21st Century Community Mosaic
  • 2018 Odom Elementary School Recycled Community Mosaic
  • 2014 United Way Senior Community Mosaic
  • 2009 “In His Hands” 7’ x 5’ ft Spiritual hands fountain. Private commission for Dr. David W. Adcock, Moultrie, GA
  • 2008 R. B. Wright Elementary School, Moultrie, GA: 48” x 60” Community Mosaic
  • 2007 Colquitt County High School, Moultrie, GA: 48” diameter Packer Hog Mosaic
  • 2007 Rayanne Weiss Special Projects Director WLOX, Biloxi, MS: 2 mosaic panels using bits and pieces from their home that was destroyed in Hurricane Katrina.
  • 2007 24” x 48” Twin Suns Coffee Table. Private commission for Scott Riley, Owner, Stellers Gallery, Jacksonville, FL.
  • 2007-2008 The Cummer Ball table centerpiece and silent auction Statuette, Commission for Laura Howson, Owner of Mineral City, Ponte Vedra, FL
  • 2007-2008 Various commissions for Mineral City, Ponte Vedra, FL
  • 2005 48” diameter table commissions for Carla Hard, Owner, Rock Hard Designs, International, Grayton Beach, FL
  • 2006 Blue Sky Grill, Moultrie, GA: 6’ x 8’ floor mosaic
    Privately-owned mosaics in various homes throughout the country
  • 2006 Moultrie Pet Center, interior design and murals
  • 2006 Live Oak Vet, Moultrie, GA: murals

Professional Mosaic Memberships

  • The Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA) Member since 2005